Beautiful things await you at the Portland Flower Market! Our vendors offer a complete range of floral products. For more information on their selections, check the web sites, give them a call or visit during market hours. For hours, check the home page or the calendar. For locations within the market, please take a look at the market map.

Vendor List

Mayesh Logo

(503) 289-9831

Floral Supply Syndicate

(503) 737-1900

(503) 286-8990 Greenleaf Wholesale Floral(503) 285-3900

(503) 285-2172

Oregon Flower Grower Association (503) 289-1500
Shibata Floral Company(503) 285-7700 Weber's Wholesale Market, Inc. (503) 289-2871

Market Map


1. Greenleaf Wholesale 6. Floral Supply Syndicate
2. Frank Adams Wholesale Florist 7. Shibata Floral Co.
3. Oregon Flower Growers Association 8. Mayesh Wholesale Florist
4. Weber’s Wholesale Market R. Restrooms
5. Northwest Fresh Wholesale Florist B. Buyer’s Pass Desk