History of the Flower Market

Florists Picnic at Blue Lake, July 17, 1940

Back in the early 1940s the flower growers of Portland decided to purchase a vacant overall factory on Southeast Grand Avenue to house the flower market, known as the Oregon Flower Growers Association. Opening day was in 1942.

The enterprise was a success, and soon more and more floral businesses bought and leased space nearby. Annual events such as the Christmas Show were established, and a monthly newsletter was published from 1942 until 1974.

As Portland grew the traffic congestion around the area made it difficult for trucks to maneuver, and for the customers to find parking. The board began to look for another site.

Finally after much searching and studying the location of the customer base, the flower market partners bought an industrial tract in the Port of Portland’s new Mock’s Landing area in the late 1980s.

In September 1989 the market moved to the new building and began a new chapter in Portland’s floral history. The new site is easily accessible from all the major freeways and has plenty of parking and areas for freight.

For nostalgia buffs, you can still visit the old flower market building, now occupied by Rejuvenation House Parts, to see some traces of the old market.

And today with the inauguration of the flower market web site, a brand new chapter has been opened!!